Keywords: signature, contract, application, sign, contracted, apply, register

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. Your name when you write it in your own characteristic way. English = signature.
2. A document which has been signed or which has space provided for a signature somewhere on it.
3. A legally binding agreement in the form of a document which has been or must be signed. English = contract.
4. A formal written request for a position in an organisation, such as a job or place at a college, which has been signed. English = application.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To write your name in your own characteristic way on some kind of document. English = sign.
2. To make or be bound by a written and signed legal agreement. English = contract, (be) contracted.
3. To make a formal written request for a position in an organisation. English = apply, make an application.
4. To add your name to a list, especially a list of people who are to do something. English = sign up.
5. To put your name on an official list, for example to enable you to receive a service from the government or a business. English = register.